YotaPhone 2 unboxing and feature tour

The YotaPhone 2 is a very unique phone by adding an e-ink screen but still being kept in a very compact form. Many people praised it for its take on the e-ink screen, instead of a gimmick, it has many great uses in real life. It was the phone that Amazon should create instead of a ill-fated gimmicky 3D Fire Phone.

Unfortunately, its high launched price, together with several software bugs leads to its poor sale. The Russian company behind YotaPhone has reportedly transfered everything to a Chinese company. The most recent YotaPhone, the YotaPhone 3 doesn’t bring many things new to the table, and personally I think it is much more blant compared to the YotaPhone 2. Well, at least the YotaPhone 2 has a curved e-ink screen, which is much cooler.

So here are some good things and bad things about the YotaPhone 2

The good:

  • Very unique design, coupled with a curve e-ink screen
  • The e-ink screen feature is actually useful. Especially the feature to mirror the main screen to the e-ink one.
  • Could turn into a brick phone and last for weeks.

The bad:

  • Flagship price for mid-range specs
  • Under average battery life.
  • Device gets hot some time.
  • Run sluggish most of the time. Feel like the phone is being underclocked.
  • Terrible back camera. Even the front camera is somewhat more colour accurate.

The ugly:

  • My YotaPhone restarts itself three times a day. For no reason, at all.

Anyway, here is a quick unboxing video and feature tour of the phone running Android 4.4. I quickly updated the phone to Android 5 after that, and some features is a little different. Most notable is the mirror screen feature, now does some sort of “increasing sharpness” or “edge highlight” or something like that. I am personally not a fan, but may be some people who read a lot may appreciate.

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YotaPhone 2

YotaPhone 2












            • - Unique e-ink design
            • - Some great features


            • - Really expensive
            • - Device gets hot easily
            • - Unstable
            • - Bad camera

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