Sony Ericsson x10 mini (Android 2.1) review

Hey guys, I’ve just got my hand on the Sony Ericsson XPERIA x10 mini (sounds a bit long huh? Still shorter than “Sony Ericsson XPERIA x10 mini pro” thou ^^) with Android 2.1 Eclair. I can pretty sure that the Android 2.1 has brought us many great features for this little device.

Here is some specifications of the x10 mini:

  • CPU: Qualcomm MSM7227 600MHz
  • RAM: 128MB
  • Screen: 240×480 TFT capacitive, 16M color
  • Camera: Auto-focus 5M with LED flash

This one looks great. It’s so tiny, yet really powerful with Android operating system. The feeling of having some thing as small as this, yet still be able to do so many things is really… hard to tell. The x10 mini is quite glossy, good-looking and attractive. However it doesn’t have a solid feeling (as I have with my HTC Hero), may be due to the medium quality of the plastic case. But in overall appearance, it can’t be blamed for any reason.

After upgrading to Android 2.1, you can notice right away the new lock screen, and… Live wallpapers!!! At first I thought with 600MHz CPU and 128MB of RAM, this one is quite low in specs. On the contrary, it can run everything so smoothly that I’ve never expected. Later when I tried to run Quadrant Benchmark, I had a surprising result: The device has a score of nearly 500, almost the same as the Nexus One of the HTC Desire, and even out-matchs its predecessor, the x10 with 1GHz Snapdragon CPU. Surely its low resolution has done a big help here.

Many applications remain the same as in Android 1.5, which is not a good news. I was expected they update the keyboard for the x10 mini, or support multiple albums in Album application, or something as simple as orientation support for Messaging, but sadly nothing is implemented. Therefore, I strongly suggest using some other applications for replacement, e.g. Gallery3D, Handcent SMS, Multitouch keyboard (Actually I prefer Vietnamese Input Method, as it supports Vietnamese ^^) I don’t like the default Launcher either, so I suggest using ADW instead, which you can find my video right on the top of this article. Too bad Multi-touch support is nowhere to be found.

Most of the applications are on the Market. For others, you can download here:

The browser in the new x10 mini Android 2.1 is the default Android browser, which means you have many options available (again).  Unfortunately you can’t pinch to zoom, and you can’t even use one-finger zoom (as in Album application) either.

The camera of the x10 mini is great for a devices in its price range. I have taken some pictures of the x10 mini, HTC Hero and the Canon G9 to put in comparison, so you can check for your own ( If you want to see more of the x10 mini’s photos, you can view mine here ( However you don’t have many controls in your default camera application, which is too basic. You may want to install some of the camera applications on the Market, such as Camera360, for instance.

The Sony Ericsson x10 mini’s battery life is really good. Pretty much like other smartphones, it may last for a day with heavy usage. However, if you just use the phone for calling and texting without Wi-Fi or Data connection being turned on (just like what I did), the device can last for more than 7 days!!! That’s really impressive for any smartphone.

In conclusion, if you love small device and Android operating system with a low budget, this is surely your ultimate choice. I also recommend the x10 mini pro, if you love texting and don’t mind spend a few bucks on the keyboard.



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