Solve timezone conflict between dual-boot system

If you install Ubuntu alongside with your Windows installation, case that you will mess up your timezone. Let’s say, if your timezone is UTC+7, and you change your time in Ubuntu to 10:10, for example. When you come back to Windows, you’ll realise that your Windows shows 3:10 instead. And if you are trying to fix the problem by changing to 10:10 in Windows, when you go to Ubuntu the time has been changed to 17:10 >_<

That’s because Windows uses local time and Ubuntu uses UTC instead (since 14.04). To solve the problem, you can either make Windows use UTC or Ubuntu to use local time.

Making Windows use UTC is quite complex because you’ll have to mess with Windows registry. If you want to make Ubuntu use local time (which I strongly recommended), you can do as follow

If you’re using Ubuntu 15.04 and newer, you can type this into the terminal

    timedatectl set-local-rtc 1

…and you’re done.

For Ubuntu 14.10 and older, you must do the steps below:

  1. Open /etc/default/rcS and edit
  2. Change (or create new if not exist) the following lines
    • # Set UTC=yes if your hardware clock is set to UTC (GMT)
    • UTC=no

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