HTC Sense rocks

#include <hello.h>

long time=0C;

Don’t try to compile the code. It won’t run. I just wanna say “Hello, long time no see”. Well actually I have been quite busy these days, and that’s the reason I haven’t posted anything until today. Many things have happened. I have just bought a new laptop, I also have a new Android phone, the HTC Hero. Some in my smartphone collection have gone… And I have a new puppy.  Many, many things have happened, but unfortunately I don’t have time for writing anything. Too bad…

However, this time will be different. You should know what I was going to say right now, as I have written in the title. Yes, I’m talking about HTC Sense. My topic today is not really new, but I still wanna talk about it. The reason for that is HTC SENSE ROCKS!!!! I have tried many Android phones, but it’s HTC Sense which has brought Android to a whole new level. It provides a wide range of functionality and an amazing theme to the regular Android. Even among other brands’ custom UI, such as Samsung’s TouchWIZ and Motorola’s Motoblur, HTC Sense can easily swept them out of its league.

For those who don’t know, HTC Sense is not only a custom theme on Android, but also a whole new user system. It chages basically the way people interact with their phones as well as provide many useful utilities.

I have prepared a new screenshot tour for you. Ofcourse a HTC Sense screenshot tour is flooded all over the Internet, but I still wanna make an unique one of mine. And I also think it is different to the others. Hope you will like it

HTC Sense offers a “seven heavy customizable screens” home screen with full screen weather animation

…with a bunch of wonderful widgets

You will always be in an active social network. Facebook is integrated directly to the phone’s contacts

Even if you just want to play a song or choose a contact pictures, HTC Sense seems to know what you want at the time. The smartest device I’ve ever used

And of course, all other Android functions are really kick-ass, still

HTC Sense also provides many interesting features, for instance ExtUSB for using the device as a storage device or an Internet connection, HTC Sync helps you sync your contacts and calendar from Microsoft Outlook or Windows Address, the ability to sync with a Microsoft Exchange Server… In conclusion…


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