Read EXT3 partition in Windows

When you need to read Ext3 partition. First, when you want to copy your files from Linux to Windows XP without restarting and enter Linux after that. And second, when you need some diskspace and you don’t want to Shift + Del your Windows Folder

Reading EXT3 extension is never been that easy. Remember, EXT3 is just newer version of EXT2, with backward compatible. So you can use an EXT2 driver. And there are a lot of drivers for EXT2, but I recommend using the…, well, sorry for not remember the name, but you can download it here

The installation is very easy. You just have to Next, Next, Next all the way and you have a Linux partition with driver letter of your choice appears on your My Computer. Very easy.

Note: I strongly suggest you turn on the Read-Only option, because sometimes Windows messed arround with the Linux partition and when you boot Linux you will get such annoying message “Drive contains error, checking force…” or something like that and you will have to wait a few minutes to let Linux scan disk before entering boot screen. If you are really need some disk space, forget what I’ve said.

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