I have some miscellanous stuff on my site for my personal use. You may have a look if you want, may be you will be interested.

  • Old TnTonly Homepage – The older version of my official homepage still can be accessed. It still contains many interesting information. However, the language of the site is in Vietnamese, and it’s really out-dated.
  • My personal blog – This is my completely personal blog. In most of them I only talked nonsense and probably you wouldn’t understand a thing. Anyway, you are always welcome to visit and have a look.
  • TnTonly Calculator – A simple calculatior written by Javascript. This is one of my exercise when I was in university.
  • TnTonly OS – This one is a cool operating system right inside your browser. You can upload your file, using Word or Spreadsheet in your operating system. I was using eyeOS for this one and I think this (or things like this) will be the future of cloud computing systems.

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