Auto-mount partitions at start-up

Sometimes you want your Ubuntu to auto-mount your Windows partition at start-up time. By doing so, you may have some advantages. For example, you can create a link from your data partition and put it into your Home folder. The link will act like any normal folder so you can easily managing your data.

To do that, simply running the following command

sudo pysdm

and then choose the device you want to auto-mount at start-up time. You can choose a mount point, type a command in the Options box, or you can click on Assistant and choose the option visually.

There are some things would be nice if you know:

  • By default, there is an option “ro“, which means read-only. If you want to enable read and write, change this to “rw“. Disable the option “Mount file system in read-only mode” doesn’t seem to be of much help.
  • Enable “Owner user of the file system” and type 1000 in the box on the right to enable to move files to trash. An alternative way is add an option “uid=1000” in the Option textbox.

Several years ago I had to sudo gedit etc/fstab to modify it, but it’s much easier this way. If you have any question just leave the comment below, I hope I will be able to answer it.

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