LG L Fino (L70 Plus) review

February 22, 2015 trungtt 0

When it comes to affordable smartphones, people often think about slow, laggy phones with terrible hardware. Recently, this has been changed with the rise of […]

RAGE Review

January 28, 2012 trungtt 1

RAGE is really awesome!!! That’s especially true for old-school shooter fans like Doom and Quake. What RAGE brings is, the best shooting experience ever among […]

iRiver Story review

July 27, 2011 trungtt 0

Hi there. Here is another review for you. If you remember my iRiver Cover Story Touch review, you should know how great it is. (If […]

Nintendo 3DS Review

May 16, 2011 trungtt 0

How are you all doing, my friends? I’ve just bought myself a new Nintendo 3DS, after having put a lot of consideration into it. Before […]